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The Best Ways to Explore the British Countryside

The British countryside is a varied landscape, with mountains, woods, moors and rivers making it a wonderful place to explore. There is wildlife to spot, gamebirds to hunt and tranquillity you will only find away from towns and cities. There are lots of ways to explore the countryside that will give you a better appreciation of the area around you. Read on to find out and see which one best suits you!

View of the British countryside

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Animal Fact File: Peafowl

Name: Indian peafowl or blue peafowl 

Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus

Description: A large ground-dwelling bird, the peafowl is known for the long train on males which is displayed during courtship, though they are still capable of flight. Native to India, they have been introduced around the world to zoos and parks.

Peacock displaying its train feathers to attract a mate

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10 Nature Reserves To Visit This Summer

There is such a plethora of beauty overflowing in the countryside that one nature reserve is not enough to see the best of British wildlife this summer. As such, we have put together ten of England’s best nature reserves where you can watch birds bursting into song, butterflies fluttering by, flowers providing a mesmerising scent and various mammals scurrying about on the hunt for food.

Roe deer at a nature reserve this summer

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Fun Facts About the Glorious Twelfth

It is just days away, and we have no doubt avid shooters up and down the country are counting down the minutes to August 12th, otherwise known as the Glorious Twelfth, the official start to Britain's grouse shooting season. The sport and that specific date have been an integral part of the countryside and field sport calendar in Britain. The grouse shoot lasts 121 days, with pheasant and other game birds coming later on in the year. 

Red grouse on moorland in Britain

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Illnesses Faced by Gundogs

Gundogs can suffer from numerous injuries and illnesses as they take on a variety of work in the field, many of which are small and can be treated easily by their handlers or owners. As most illnesses require a veterinary’s assistance, it is essential your gundogs are given time to recover; though owners will want this to be reduced if diseases occur in the shooting season. When your dogs are healing, you will want them to stay in shape, within reason, and our gundog accessories can help you and your dog.

Springer spaniel gundog

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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To The Country

Kingfisher spotted by a birdwatcher

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Essential Kit for Birdwatchers

Amateur bird watchers who want to take their hobby another step should invest in some decent equipment. While the only things you definitely need for birdwatching are your eyes and ears, we have put together a list of essential kit that will help you spot and identify more species and get greater enjoyment and satisfaction out of the activity.

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Guide To Shooting

Guide To Birds & Wildlife

Applying For A Firearms Licence Beginners Guide To Shooting Etiquette What To Wear When Shooting 10 Nature Reserves To Visit This Summer Beginners Guide To Birdwatching Learn More About Britain's Birds Of Prey
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Guide To Gundogs

Guide To Country Recipes

Labrador Retriever Prepare Your Dog For The Beating Line Keep Your Gun Dog Fit In The Off-Season Ultimate Guide To Blackberries Guide To Game Meat Homemade Gin Recipe
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Guide To Outdoor Activities

Guide To Home & Garden

Find Food To Forage Country Pursuits For The Summer 55 Things To Do In The Countryside

Your Guide To Growing Herbs

Grow A Garden Wildflower Meadow Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly
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Guide to applying for a Firearms Licence

When you first start shooting, you are often regaled with numerous stories about how difficult it was to get a firearms licence. Common myths include:

  • “You need land in order to get a firearms licence”
  • “You won’t get one if you have any history of significant physical or mental health”
  • “You’ll need to set up Fort Knox to keep your guns safe”
  • “It’s very expensive”

Below is a step-by-step guide to applying for your first firearms and/or shotgun licence that dispels some of the more common myths and pitfalls.

firearms licence forms waiting to be filled out

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