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Guide to Golden Retriever Gundogs

The golden retriever is a popular breed that has been bred as gun dogs to retrieve waterfowl and upland game, yet they are not seen on the field as much as Labrador retrievers. A relatively new breed compared to the Labrador, only being registered separately in 1920, golden retrievers have an easy temperament, which has also made them popular as disability assistance dogs for blind and deaf people. Their trainability has also meant golden retrievers are often used as detection dogs and for search and rescue.

A golden retriever looking at the camera

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5 Famous Female Shooters

Shooting is often seen as a male-dominated activity, yet more and more women are taking up the sport, and there have been many famous female shooters over the years, from gunslingers in the Wild West to Olympic gold medallists. In this blog, we are taking a look at some famous female shooters, both from history and the present day, as many women have made a difference in the world of firearms.

Lady shooter in a tweed coat

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Guide to British Wildlife: Bats - Part 1

In our latest guide to British wildlife, we are taking a look at some of the country’s resident bats, the only mammal able to fly. There are 17 known species of bat breeding in the UK, which is almost a quarter of all the native mammals found in the UK. Bats also account for about 20% of all mammals, with over 1,300 species in the world, with more being discovered. In our guide to British wildlife next month, we will look at the other bats found in Britain, such as the common pipistrelle.

A Natterer's bat in flight

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The Fur Feather and Fin Guide to Staying Warm in the Field

While the game shooting season is one of the most enjoyable throughout the year, it is also one of the coldest. Consequently, it is important to stay as warm as possible, so you can enjoy your time out in the field without being chilled to the bone. As any experienced gun will know, wearing layers is key when shooting in winter as not only do they trap heat to keep you nice and toasty, but they also enable you to take something off if you do find yourself getting a little too warm. Below, we’ve provided some tips on what to wear to ensure you don’t catch a chill during a drive:

A field covered in frost during the morning sunrise.

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The Best Wildlife Sights and Sounds of Winter

While much of the UK’s wildlife goes into hibernation during winter, other species flourish during the cold season and in doing so, create the most captivating sights and sounds for wildlife lovers to enjoy. From the joyful song of the winter robin to the eerie mating call of the red fox, here are just some of the most enthralling wildlife spectacles to look and listen out for this winter: 

A fox hunting in the snow in winter

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The Fur Feather & Fin Guide To The Country

A present wrapped in which paper with a garnished with greenery and a pinecone

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Country Gifts for the House and Garden

It’s that time of year when everyone’s mind is on Christmas and people are starting their shopping for gifts for loved ones. Our guides on country gifts for him and for her may have given you a few ideas for your partner but you may need to get some gifts for family and friends who love the countryside and shooting!

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Guide To Shooting

Guide To Birds & Wildlife

Guide to Safe Shooting Top 10 Shooting Apps Applying for a Firearms Licence Animal Fact File: European Hedgehog Guide to British Wildlife: Rabbits and Hares Animal Fact File: Common Snipe
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Guide To Gundogs

Guide To Country Recipes

A plate of roast quail, potatoes and vegetables
Expert Blog: Gundog Nutrition How to Recognise Problems in Your Gundog Seven Famous Jack Russells and Their Owners

Alternative Birds to Cook for Christmas Dinner

Recipe: Succulent One-Tray Roast Quail Country Recipe: Traditional Christmas Cake 
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Guide To Outdoor Activities

Guide To Home & Garden

All About: Barbour International Country Pursuits for the British Winter 8 Country Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Country Gifts for Her this Christmas

Country Gifts for Him this Christmas Country Gifts for the House and Garden
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8 Country Accounts to Follow on Instagram

There’s no denying that country living always looks like an enjoyable and relaxing lifestyle and at Fur Feather and Fin, we couldn’t agree more. But nowhere is this more evident than Instagram, one of the most current and popular platforms where country lovers go to seek inspiration. Whether you’re in search of stylish country clothing or want to know more about British wildlife, these eight country accounts are sure to ignite your love of country living:

A phone showing the Instagram app on a green background.

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