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Test Your Knowledge On Britain’s Birds of Prey

Britain’s birds of prey have an unparalleled hunting instinct, with their strong talons, hooked beak and eyesight being nearly eight times better than a humans. These features make them the lords of the sky when it comes to catching game, and they are interesting birds to learn about. 

We have suggested bird watching as one of the many things you can do in the countryside this year, but before you head out with some trusty binoculars in your country clothing, why not test your knowledge about birds of prey – you might even find out something that will help you identify the native raptors?! 

What was your score? Let us know via our social media channel, and find out more facts by heading over to our guideon the various birds of prey that can be found across Britain (and no checking before taking the quiz!) We also have lots of guides on our blog about gundogs, shooting and more!