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Three Recipes for Delicious Hip Flask Fillers

As the shooting season is in full swing, people up and down the country will have their hip flasks ready to go for each shoot filled with a small tipple to keep them fuelled for the day and toast their successful bags.

We have a selection of Fur Feather & Fin gins that are perfect for your hip flask, but if you fancy making something of your own, below we have put together some recipes, including one for the popular sloe gin!

Sloe Gin

Sloes and gin are a classic mix, and it certainly brings a smile to everyone’s face as you pass it down the line on a shoot. In the years we have spent making our own recipe, we think we have perfected it, though you may want to tweak it to suit your taste! Using 225 grams of sugar for 450 grams of sloes is just right.

To begin, just add the sugar to a glass bottle or jar – avoid plastic or metal as this can taint the mixture – then add the sloes. Pour a litre of gin on top of the sugar and fruit, shaking it up to help the sugar dissolve. Store it in a cool, dark place, turning the bottle each day. Leave the mixture from anytime between 2 and a half months to a year before straining it and bottling it.

Sloe berries on a branch

Blackberry Brandy

Brandy is a fantastic drink to warm you up on cold winter mornings, and the added blackberry makes for a delicious fruity twist. It is just as easy to make as sloe gin, using the same amount of sugar as for the sloe gin (225 grams) to the number of blackberries (450 grams).

A litre of brandy will be needed too, along with the bottles and jars – sometimes have a few glass jars is better as it means you can spread out the gin making to make it last longer! Store the mixture in a cool, dark place, turning it daily for a week, then weekly for two months or longer. Longer is usually better!

Glass of brandy

Raspberry Vodka

Though raspberry vodka isn’t as classic as sloe gin or blackberry brandy, it still has a delicious taste and is great for warming you up on a shoot. As vodka has less taste than gin or brandy, more sugar is needed and more fruit. We recommend 350 grams of sugar and 600 grams of raspberry with a litre of vodka to create the drink, following the same steps as the sloe gin; turning daily for a week, then weekly for a couple of months or longer.

Close shot of raspberries

You may want to treat yourself or a loved one to a hip flask too, and they fit perfectly in the pockets of our men’s and ladies country clothing! Though the season for sloe, blackberry and raspberry has passed, you may have some knocking about in the freezer to make into a fruity beverage for the shoots, and there is always next season to look forward to! Of course,  Be sure to take a look at our other country recipes – maybe you’ll find something to inspire you for the festive season!