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What food to forage at what time of year

Foraging for food is becoming more and more popular, as people want to see out organic food in the wild rather than heading to the supermarkets. For people who are not sure what time to look for food, check out our guide below to see what food should be foraged in what month.

wear country clothing when foraging

During the winter months, you will be surprised at how much you can still forage, but of course the months where there is bountiful food growing in the wild is of course the summer and autumn. Be sure to keep referring to our guide to help you when out and about looking for foods throughout the year. Foraging courses are also available across the country, held at different times of year which is great way to start foraging for food. A guided walk, with an expert telling you what to look for is an ideal starting point for beginners to the countryside activity. We would also recommend picking up some books that describe what the food looks like and where you might found it in the wild, so you know exactly what to look for and where when you go out alone – and so you don’t accidentally pick something poisonous! So, wrap up in country clothing, and bring along a thick pair of gloves and head out on a countryside walk. Remember to bring a basket or secure containers to put your foraged foods into, and make sure you have permission to go on the land you are foraging on. If you are unsure, simply seek out public footpaths and you are sure to come across some of the plants below. 

wear country clothing when foraging

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