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What to Wear When Shooting

For those who are new to the wonderful world of shooting, one of the first questions to cross your mind is often “what will I wear to the shooting range?” The etiquette and style that comes along with this country sport offers up certain rules and suggestions in what to wear to ensure that your clothing aids you in bettering your skills – rather than being a restriction, and to ensure that, of course, all safety guidelines are met. Our guide is here to help you equip yourself with the best shooting clothing to wear both on a shooting range and whilst clay pigeon shooting from head to toe so that you get off to a good start! 

man dressed in suitable shooting clothing for a game shoot

What to wear game shooting

Much of what you need to wear to head out game shooting will depend on the occasion, namely how formal the event itself is. However, there are many items that are essential which you will need to wear for both formal and informal shooting. Browse our range of men's shooting clothing and women's shooting clothing today.


Although a hat is not absolutely necessary, many will opt for something classic such as a tweed cap, or in the winter months, a knitted hat for warmth. The important aspect of the headwear, however, is the ear protection. The sound of a shot can be incredibly loud and can affect your hearing after a long period of time. It is best to prepare yourself with some earplugs or suitable noise reducing earmuffs to protect your eardrums and stop you from getting a nasty headache.

Tweed flap caps


On formal shoots, it is important that you wear a suitable tie as part of your attire. In the winter, you may want to equip yourself with a neck scarf for warmth, as it can get very chilly!


Choosing the correct shooting jacket is of paramount importance, as this is a feature that can dramatically affect your performance. Your jacket should fit you well, allowing you freedom of movement, and should especially not limit the movement of your arms in any way. For the winter you’ll need a high quality, warm and waterproof jacket to see you through. The thickness of the jacket might also be considered, as this can prevent any injuries of the kick back of the shotgun with a layer of padding.

Alan Paine shooting jacket


Check shirts are often the most common choice, usually worn in dark, camouflage style colours to help you to blend into your setting. On formal shoots, you may also be required to wear a waistcoat, get in touch with your host beforehand to find out what the attire for the occasion is.


Again, gloves are not an essential; however, you may want to invest in a good pair for the winter months. Ensure that your gloves have a good level of grip, and do not inhibit the movement of your fingers in any way. It is highly recommended to invest in a pair of quality shooting gloves if this is a sport that you will be partaking frequently.


During informal shoots, moleskin trousers are sufficient, however, in a formal shoot, tweed breeks or trousers are an essential. Ideally, these trousers should be comfortable, warm and waterproof as you may be wearing them for a long period of time.

Woman's moleskin olive trousers


A good pair of shooting socks is an essential for your shooting outfit, as are garters. In the winter months, it is often good to wear two pairs at once to ensure that your feet are kept warm and dry. Make sure that your feet aren’t restricted in the boot, however, as you don’t want to cut off the circulation to your foot with too many pairs of socks! We have a wide range available that will complete your shooting attire. Garters are great from both a style point of view, as well as a practical one, ensuring that your socks are help firm!


Boots and wellies should be worn for a shoot; the features to look out for include good ankle support, comfort and waterproofing. The boots must give support as the ground is often uneven this will help to reduce the chance of any injuries. Wellies may be preferred in heavy downpours; however, they offer less support than shooting boots so should be the last choice. clay pigeon shooting image in shooting clothing

What to wear clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting requires a much less formal dress, as this is more of a practice stage. There is little to no etiquette, which means that you are free to dress as you like – providing that it is suitable for shooting. It is best to opt for comfortable and semi-smart clothes that make you feel the part!

Ear protection

Ear protection is even more important when clay pigeon shooting as there are more shots fired than in game shooting. Take your pick from moulded/disposable earplugs, or digital headphones to block out the sounds. When choosing ear protection, is it important to remember not to pick anything that could get in the way of your gun mount, as this can affect your shot.


A jacket or coat may be required in cold or rainy weather, but ensure that you choose one that does not restrict your movement. A thin waterproof jacket may be sufficient in rainy conditions, but for clay pigeon shooting, a jacket is not essential.

Eye protection

Eye protection is usually provided by the clay pigeon shooting grounds, and it is vital that it is worn to protect your eyes from any fragments of clay. There are also tinted alternatives available that can help train your eye to follow the clays better.


You can take your pick from shirts or t-shirts, as clay pigeon shooting is often quite informal. Light layers are usually best so that you can remove or add extra layers if you are too cold or too warm. If you need any other advice on what to wear game shooting or to a clay pigeon shooting range, then get in touch with the host or school, and they will be happy to advise you further. Take a look at our range of shooting clothes today and equip yourself with a range of high-quality products that will aid your shooting abilities.

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