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Woodland Trust reveals plans to plant 64 million trees

UK charity the Woodland Trust has revealed plans to plant an additional 64 million trees – one for every person – across the country by 2025. Wear mens country clothing and womens country clothing while exploring the UK woodland The charity plans to plant 15 million of these in towns and cities, working with schools, partners and local communities, as well as an additional 20 million in the countryside by working with farmers and local authorities. The remaining 29 million trees will be planted in various locations following partnerships established with businesses, landowners and the Government. This scheme follows on from other smaller schemes in a similar vein carried out by Sainsbury’s and Ikea. In the previous decade, Sainsbury’s has planted more than 2.5 million trees, while also gifting free trees to hundreds of UK schools and backing the charity’s First World War Centenary Woods project. Ikea, meanwhile, has funded a million trees for local communities by collaborating with the Woodland Trust on a free tree pack scheme. Challenged by threats such as climate change, pests, diseases, over grazing, intensive land use and development, the UK’s woodlands are currently in decline, leaving them more vulnerable and less hospitable for the nation’s wildlife. The best way to help the landscape recover from this level of damage is to protect the woodlands we do have, as well as to begin building them back up for a better future. This will involve planting not only more trees but also a wider variety of tree species, meaning the woodland structure will be more diverse. It will also offer more opportunities for wildlife to move around the landscape, making more areas of the country their home. However, these efforts will not reach their full potential if the trees are not planted in the right places. This is why the project has come about, and why the co-operation of so many authorities and organisations will be so important. Not only will the planting of so many trees improve the surrounding nature, but it will also have a positive impact on our lives. Planting trees will help to create places where we want to live and work, creating a green escape in even the most urban areas. If you already enjoy the country’s green landscapes and woodlands, we’ve got a great range of mens country clothing and womens country clothing perfect for exploring in all weathers. Image: Stewart Black, available under Creative Commons