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We offer a range of stylish, yet practical shooting clothing for children with waterproof Tweed Coats and Caps, Jackets, Gilets, shirts and Wellington Boots. There is a great range of children's shooting clothing including waterproof tweeds and wet weather gear.  

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Fur Feather & Fin Kid's Country Clothing In The UK

|Game of shooting|

The sport of shooting in the UK is an old traditional sport played throughout the country. If you ever have doubts about how famous the sport of shooting is, go through the UK shooting game, and you'll have the answer.

The dedication is so pure that the kids are making their names in the sports of shooting. As we are the leading providers of shooting clothes, we also have a stylish range of kids' country clothing. 

You can find various events taking place, both formal and informal; if you are into professional shooting, then you can probably also get an invite.

The game is played with a heartful passion, which can be seen in the discipline in the dress code followed in any shooting event, whether for kids or higher age groups. You will see kids participating in proper attire at every event.

Fur Feather & Fin online store has seen massive purchases in the section of country kids clothing, which proves the commitment to the sport.

Back to-Back Shooting Events:-

The shooting events were constantly held, and the sportspersons didn't get enough time to upgrade their shooting wardrobe with the latest country clothes for kids.

Being a young outdoor’s man or woman, you still have to pick up quality children's country clothing and accessories, to be comfortable in the often cold and challenging weather.

The events occur at regular intervals in which the weather continues to change with the season, but the UK weather is still known for its unpredictable nature as you rarely see the glittering sun. So there are specially crafted clothing lines for shooting sports for men, women, and kids, available at Fur Feather & Fin online.

Kids Wear Shooting Clothes Only for Better Looks and Quality.

Sometimes we think there can be many reasons for wearing shooting gear, which might be true. In the UK, shooting clothes are also favorable in kids' country clothing as they wear them casually without being a sportsperson.

Nothing wrong with doing that if you are a citizen of the UK, people like to wear these attire professionally and also to comfort themselves in hard weather.

On the other hand, the shooting clothes are compatible for both protecting you from harsh weather and showing a professional yet decent look.

Various types of children's country clothing can be found on Fur Feather & Fin online platform as we are experienced in the sector of shooting clothes and are well known for the importance of the quality and design of the products we provide.

Our clothing line drives by the preeminent and established brands of the UK who provide the best clothes with traditional and authentic English touches.

Categorized Kid's Country Clothing and Accessories:-

Fur Feather & Fin online platform will let you go through numerous shooting clothes with different fabrics and designs to make kids' country clothes waterproof, protect you from rough weather and keep you dry.

Here is the exclusive clothing line:-

Boots, Trousers & Breeks:- 

When involved in Fieldsports, you always need specific gear to help you perform elegantly because you will be walking through uneven terrain, so proper boots are made especially for these conditions.

As a part of kids' country clothing, the boots should be crafted perfectly for the shooting sport. We provide shoes that fit easily with a high length which supports your trousers and breeks to provide a proper water blockage.

The stylish coloured tweeds in wool can match your attire easily. Usually, it's not essential to match your trousers & breeks with the jackets or waistcoats you wear, but if they are in natural colour, they will do the work.

The designed trousers carry various useful pockets to keep the necessary items; they should be compatible enough to adjust accordingly.

Branded Jackets & Gilets:-

Fur Feather & Fin offers various types of jackets, waistcoats or gilets for kids who want to pursue the sport of shooting. Our children's country clothing collection includes waterproof quality jackets, comfortable waistcoats and stylish gilets tailored from rich materials like tweed, fleece and polyester. These clothes are very beneficial for children because they can also be worn on any normal day, including sporting events.

As children are more vulnerable, our jackets or gilets also protect them from the changing weather conditions in the UK. Some of these stylish trending clothes from top brands at Fur Feather & Fin online store are Kids Imperlight Waterproof Jacket, Woodhall Junior Fleece Gilet Navy & Aylsham Kids Fleece Waistcoats and several more in this range.

Matchable Shirts, Tie & Belts:-

An attire is considered professional when the clothes are worn in a suitable combination of shirts, ties or belts. The inner clothing also reflects a mannered attire with jackets or coats. We provide country kids' clothing with the best suitable colour options as you can get all these items in one place.

The classic tattersall shirts with our quality trousers, rolling it with a matching tie, and the faded leather belt, which glitters purity, are the perfect accessory to complete your look.

You can pull off this attire in any shooting event or use it in other pursuits; find a few suggested items from Fur Feather & Fin online inventory like Alan Paine Ilkley Kids Check Shirt and Harkila Retrieve Pheasant Silk Tie and Silk and Leather Webbing Belt Pheasant.

Suitable Socks, Caps & Accessories:-

Even if we talk about kids' country clothing or for adult groups who belong to shooting sports, the authentic dress code is crucial. It might be in the thought process that socks or caps are not so important in the dress code or professional attire, but it's the other way round;

their weightage is the same as any other clothes or accessories. Usually, the shooting socks are worn with a combination of breeks and a garter.

By the traditional way of shooting, the professionals will wear the sock covering over the breeks and prevent the sock from slipping down; a garter will be tied, supporting the breeks pulling up.

This dress code cannot be completed without a classic tweed cap suitable for adult wardrobes and a bunch of country clothing for kids. We are enrolled with world-class brands like Alan Paine, ensuring the cap's quality.

Our inventory also includes necessary relatable items which can be useful for pursuing the sport of shooting comfortably, like Peltor Kids Hearing Protectors Green for the safety of your ears and Kid's 410 Cartridge Belt to keep the cartridges while shooting.

Find the socks and caps at Fur Feather & Fin online like Alan Paine Kids Rutland Tweed Flat Cap and DexShell Waterproof Socks; go and choose the perfect one for yourself from the wide range itself.

Kids Gift Section with Shooting Gifts & More

Apart from our kid's country clothing collection, you can go through various gift items online to gift yourself or somebody else.

The range of gifts available involves shooting-related items like shotguns and targets; traditional board games are there, and different types of other toys can also be seen; visit Fur Feather & Fin to choose the best one.

While scrolling through the gift section, you can find numerous novelty gifts for normal occasions or festivals. Gift them something they didn't expect, like a money box, hats, silver products, or something for their kitchen to boost their mind and improve their skills.

We suggest you look up the trendy novelty gifts Apache Helicopter Construction Set, and many more exciting gifts are available.

We have shooting-related gifts for helping enthusiastic children who love shooting sports to practice and improve their ability.

The children can be educated about the sport of shooting with various practice toys, toy guns, and archery sets, which help to master the art of aiming, the most important skill to learn.

If you misplaced the darts, you can also order the additional pack of darts at Fur Feather & Fin online easily and get them delivered to your doorstep.

The wide range of gifting categories might get you confused about what to choose as a perfect gift. We at Fur Feather & Fin carry the goodwill of being the best suppliers in the UK, so the solution we provide is in the form of gift cards.

Please choose a suitable gift card starting from £5 upwards by which the child can buy themself whenever they want and anything they like.

The condition can differ with the preference of each kid; it is also possible that after some time, the kid gets interested in buying something from kids' country clothing.

Finest Deals and Services by Fur Feather & Fin

Our kid's section is filled with numerous top-quality children's country clothing for shooting driven by rich brands. Each product is tailored expertly by the top designers in the UK, and at the best prices available, still, various offers on the different products will greet you.

Please don't wait to order the best kids' clothing, gift and accessories and get them delivered to you soon.

Benefits of ordering from Fur Feather & Fin:-

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