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We sell the finest range of shooting gear, including classic shooting jackets, trousers and footwear for country pursuits. Whether you are looking for shooting socks, belts, gilets, caps, thermals, gloves or anything else shooting related, you can rest assured we sell all a man will need to kit himself out on a day out shooting! 

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One-Stop Shop for All Men's Country Clothing Out There Who Love field sports

Country men and women know the importance of wearing the finest clothes for outdoor activities, which passes through rough hilly areas. So it requires a timely process to finalise the perfect men's outdoor clothing.

It turns out to if you're going on shooting for the first time because you are standing, walking for hours and unveiling yourself to a lot of wet and windy elements, so an attire which will keep you warm, safe and must be required.

Don't be bothered, as Fur Feather & Fin will help you choose the perfect outdoor clothing for men to wear before a long day shooting, fishing or just going for a long walk.

The main dependency in your clothing selection is on the type of shooting event you are participating in because exploring our website online at Fur Feather & Fin will take you across a broad category of men's clothing outdoor, which also beneficially prevents you from missing out on essential items.

Determining What to Choose as Country Clothing for Men When You Are Planning on Shooting, fishing or long walks:-

Usually, when you are going for shooting specifically on an invitation and finding it tough to finalise the attire for the day. In the sport of shooting, you must have specific attire to enhance your shooting experience.

That's why you should dress like a proper outdoor country clothing for a man and woman to enjoy a nice day outdoors. A specific dress code for each shooting event often comes with an invitation which you should follow to match the sport.

Generally, shooting is commenced in two forms which are formal and informal. So, if you are participating in the shooting experience, we have the perfect outfit for the event.

If it's a formal shoot, picking smart men's country clothing from our Fur Feather & Fin online will be a great fit for the sport. The shooting season hails from autumn to winter, so our exclusive men's outdoor clothing and accessories line will help keep you warm and dry.

Fur Feather & Fin's Classic Collection of Shooting Jackets:-

Jackets, as a part of the men's country clothing category, play a vital role in shooting sports as they should allow you to move around easily. You will find numerous types of jackets in men's country wear specially made with tweed\fleece, making it 100% waterproof and windproof enhancing your performance comfortably.

These tweed jackets are lighter in weight than traditionally designed jackets which are far heavier. Fur Feather & Fin's online platform allows you to go through countless brands and designs to help you find the best & suitable material of your choice. It doesn't end here; our men's outdoor clothing jacket range is easy to wash after a tiring and messy shooting game.

Our men's outdoor clothing line consists of various colour groups to pick out the best for your event; usually, different colours are opted by the people for different days.

If you are going for partridge shoot, then ideal colours are brown and green to be worn; on the other hand, if you are out for grouse shooting, heather stone, blue and purple colour are worn generally. But nothing can beat natural colours, which help you to match up with every occasion.

Our Men's Outdoor Clothing Collection - Shooting Clothing & Accessories

Nothing would be better for an outdoors person to find all his or her sporting clothes and accessories in one place at his fingertips. From selecting a size, colour, and brand, all at-home comfort could be an amazing experience. Choose your favourite styling and material which fits your comfortable requirements for shooting.

Caps and Hats: 

Our stylish designs of our hats & caps with these traditional looks; they consist of high-quality and durable material as waterproof wool tweed matches the high standards of shooting sport.

These Caps and hats will easily match with both five or six-piece suits and bring out the best country clothing for men's sporty look.

Fleece and Sweaters:

As we know about the cold weather of the UK, it becomes more difficult to perform shooting conventionally. Here you can find classic shooting jumpers from brands like Harkila, Alan Paine and Seeland, which use rich material to keep you warm and provide ultimate comfort. They will keep your temperature under control when you go out to shoot, and even when you are not shooting, they can still be worn more easily.

Jackets, Gilets and waistcoats:

We can understand the importance of jackets, gilets and waistcoats in the shooting sport. At Fur Feather & Fin, we take care of the needs of a sportsperson in shooting gear.

We provide country clothing for men as our jackets, gilets, and waistcoats are 100% waterproof and carry the quality to control the temperature. The Most important part is they are extremely lightweight.

Shooting Gloves:

If we talk about shooting sports, the most crucial gear will be Gloves because they prevent your hand from getting injured and should fit softly on your hand to ease you while shooting. At Fur Feather & Fin online platform, you can easily pick out the best gloves from top brands like Sealskinz and Seeland.

Shooting Socks & Garters:

Shooting sports demand a well-dressed personality in men's country clothing; a small deflection might ruin the look. Try the extensive range of stylish & colourful socks & garters to sparkle your formal look.

Trouser and Breeks:

Our practical men's shooting trousers will lay out a perfect fit to enhance your shooting performance. You will find rich weatherproof materials like quality moleskin, tweed and polyester in all of our jeans, trousers and breeks, which can last and keep you dry even in tough conditions.

Tweed clothing:

All the top-class tweed men's clothing outdoor present at Fur Feather & Fin online helps you reflect an enthusiastic approach to the game. You can find various tweeded accessories and clothing like tweed jackets, tweed breeks, tweed jeans, waistcoats, caps and so on from multiple brands, including, Alan Paine, Hoggs of Fife, Harkila etc.

Waterproof Clothing:

Most waterproof jackets and accessories available at Fur Feather & Fin are waterproof, gore-tex, and some are windproof to perform exceptionally well in tough weather.

Shooting jackets, coats and gilets are available in both tweed and waterproof, and gore-tex materials for both men & women so that you can enjoy your pursuit shooting game the whole year. You would be glad to know that the weather will not bother your performance.

Clothing Care:

Maintaining quality country clothing for men is not a simple task; we offer you suitable products to take care of your clothing & accessories like leather and canvas carriers for your clothing.

Weather can be hard sometimes for the zips, so you can use Ezip to ease it out smoothly, for your shoes, we have a Seeland's and Harkila’s rubber boot care also with an option to choose between two types of shoe dryers. Nikwax spray to deep clean and wool wash your clothes.

Belts & Braces:

Match your attire with high-quality leather belts and braces for men's outdoor clothing, which manifests an elegant look. Don't be confused in picking out as Fur Feather & Fin offers different striped, stretchy and drip ranges of canvas or leather belts with various colours and designs.

Cravats & Ties:

Pair up your shooting outfit perfectly with our sophisticated collection of cravats & ties to pull off casual and formal dress codes. Our multiple brands provide unique designs and colour combinations to start an amazing shooting season with the best country clothing for men.

Cufflinks & Tie Pins:

Our extensive range of custom-made cufflinks and pheasant tie pins help to match flawlessly with any themed shooting season; check out the perfect gift online at Fur Feather & Fin.

Dress Socks:

Our merino wool socks keep your feet warm while shooting in freezing weather. Choose the socks for every required task or occasion as we have waterproof socks, striped socks, plain socks and many more to opt-out.


Nothing can be a better gift than handkerchiefs for a person who loves to get dressed like a gentleman. You can find various types of traditional handkerchiefs with multiple styles like paisley, bird print, polka dots and the plain colour itself.

Neck & Wrist Warmth:

Coldest months can be enjoyed simply with our snoods and wristlet, which can help to get you some much-needed warmth when you are going out in a shooting session.


Fur Feather & Fin provides perfect draper slippers and mules of the best quality, specially made by the top-class shoemakers in the UK. We also deal in traditional Charles Slippers and Anton Slippers. You can also find the expertly tested William and sheep mules online.

Walking Boots and Shoes:-

The sport of shooting requires you to travel to hard places, so you must have a reliable and comfortable grip on your feet. We provide Harkila and Aigle boots to ease and support your feet for a better outcome. Don't miss out on checking the Chetham Deck Shoes in our shoe range which are truly amazing.

Falconers can never compromise on their weapons, so they surely can't compromise with their clothing and accessories. Fur Feather & Fin's online platform allows you to choose your perfect outfit in your home comfort. Choose from our huge collection of quality clothing and accessories range. Visit Fur Feather & Fin now.