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The use and practice of skills, thereby acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding, in order to survive and thrive in a natural environment.

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Bushcraft Store UK - Get Ready for Your Next Wilderness Adventure

Embarking on an adventure to experience serene nature could be a great idea. If you’re camping in the wilderness, you need to expand your safety and outdoor capabilities. Discover the essential and best bushcraft UK items to carry for surviving in the natural environment.

Fur Feather & Fin help you to prepare for the unexpected. With today’s innovations, we offer you unique bushcraft items such as Knives, Tools, Fire Lighting, Torches, and so on that can keep you safe and comfortable.

Fur Feather & Fin help you to prepare for the unexpected. With brands like Opinel Knives, Leatherman, YETI coolers and many more we can help you with your outdoor adventure trip.

When preparing for any outdoor adventure, there are some survival tools that you should have in your pack so that you can prepare if you end up in an unexpected situation.

All the stresses of life just melt away when you enjoy the outdoor adventure activities like biking, hiking and camping. Carrying lifesaving items capable while enjoying nature makes survivalism easier.

Fur Feather & Fin is a one-stop shop for all the UK bushcraft equipment, which are available at an affordable price for outdoor activity enthusiasts.

We offer you an exclusive range of bushcraft gear that will allow you to acquire and develop knowledge for conquering the wilderness and surviving the tough conditions of nature. Experience the art of cutting and carving wood for various purposes; choose from our wide array of knives.

Explore our complete range of best sporting accessories and bushcraft kits which will allow you to learn how to live off the land to rejuvenate your soul. The equipment and tools are designed specifically for outdoor survival.

If you are a person who craves the experience of breathing fresh air, then check out our amazing range of tools, as we believe that you should always be kitted with the right gear when you head out into the wilds.

Shop for the Essential Bushcraft Tools

We strive to provide the best tools so you can enjoy country sports and abundant learning experiences. Also, you can check out bushcraft stores in the UK, where you can get the latest equipment when you want to explore the mountains or on a simple camping trip.


These are the major and essential items to carry when preparing the survivalist kit for the outdoors. We have different types of knives available, ranging from the swiss army knives to Laguiole knives, opinel knives, leatherman knives, fishing, foraging, seafood knives and so on.

It’s time to make the best emergency prepping kit for disasters. Also, you can choose as per your needs and physical aspects of knives as we comprise pocket knives, fixed blades, folding knives and multitools.


Find new connections with nature and prevent yourself from tricky situations with multitools and other specialist tools. Feel the spirit of adventure by selecting the most critical survival tools.

These bushcraft tools are required for different tasks, allowing you to spend most of your time in nature. It has become imperative to carry these items and prepare for any adventure.

Fire Lighting

When you are in the woods, fire lighting is the most enjoyable exercise for people. We provide the best products to ease your task so that you’ll get a sustainable fire.

Learning bushcraft tools to light a fire is one of the major exercises if you find yourself in a real-life survival situation or just want to light a campfire. You can grab the perfect fire lighting equipment with the best quality and durability.


Get great and durable torches which you can use to enjoy country sports, outdoor activity and even for everyday use at work. Our most affordable and breathtaking range of products includes lanterns, handheld torches, and head torches from industry-leading brands.

It’s time to enjoy the profound moments with nature with our bushcraft equipment to provide you with a better spot and range for your light.


Practicing survival skills is the best element for keen wilderness explorers and campers. Take the right equipment with you and enjoy country sports for quick relief from everyday life.

It is always advisable for you to prepare and protect yourself from unforeseen situations. Check out our ultimate survival tools designed to help you stay alive in these situations.

Get Closer to the Natural World Safely With Bushcraft Equipments

Acquiring bushcraft skills can help you if you are exploring nature or any kind of unfamiliar territory. Fur Feather & Fin has a collection of equipment as we aim to bring you the latest outdoor kit.

You can also check the latest equipment from our vast bushcraft store UK. Undoubtedly, survival training has several benefits as it prepares you to face situations like natural disasters, extreme weather, and accidents.

Get the most useful and multiple ranges of tools that you can easily stash in your day pack. This equipment can help in any type of task you anticipate performing.

We understand that safety is the first and foremost priority while enjoying the country's sports. So we provide you with a unique range of UK bushcraft kits, so it’s time to explore and find the places that have remained untouched.

Carry these essential items with you if you want to safely immerse yourself in the beautiful locations of nature and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, trekking etc. Having bushcraft skills can be extremely overwhelming and advantageous for survival.

Exploring far-flung places can enable you to gain a new perspective so that you can appreciate your everyday life. UK bushcraft activities are also beneficial as they will allow you to develop crucial life skills.

Get outside and live in the woods with the range of UK bushcraft equipment from top brands of the Uk available at Fur Feather & Fin online store. 

Also, learning the art of bushcraft can help you to gain a new sensory experience. Get rid of all the extraneous pieces and keep the most durable and affordable bushcraft survival tools of Fur Feather & Fin.