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Whether you are hunting game or shooting clays we have a wide range of products to suit your needs. View the'Gunroom' page to find gun slips and cases; cartridge bags, boxes and belts, as well as gun care and cleaning equipment. The shooting accessories page has all the other gear you may need, such as hearing & eye protection, licence holders, flasks and much more...

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Shooting Equipment & Field sports Accessories Online 

Here you can check a great range of stalking, shooting and outdoor equipment and accessories, from gun care and protection to cartridge bags, shooting jackets, field coats and shooting gear for hunting and shooting; the great majority of hunting and clothing from Beretta, Filson, Harkila, YETI, Seeland.

At Fur Feather and Fin's online store, there is something for every outdoorsman or woman, shooter, or stalker. We take pride in our wide selection of goods, which span many distinct categories and include game shooting kits, shooting equipment, shooting gear, shooting wear UK, shooting glasses, field coats & hunting jackets in the UK, and other shooting accessories. 

You can choose from a huge assortment of high-quality goods from reputable manufacturers. We take pleasure in providing excellent customer service and want to ensure that you are happy with what we provide.

What is included in our shooting kit?

Our stalking and shooting gear includes everything you wear while hunting or just being on an outdoor adventure, including boots, trousers, jackets, hats, binoculars, shooting glasses, ear defenders, and other accessories.

We provide a comprehensive selection of items to meet your needs, whether you choose to shoot game or shoot clay targets. Discover gun slips and cases, cartridge bags, boxes, belts, and gun maintenance and cleaning supplies.

All the additional equipment you might require, including hearing and eye protection, licence holders, hip flasks, and much more, is available on our website. We also have a wide range of outdoor knives. We have also recently incorporated a more general outdoor adventure kit to help provide options for those involved in field sports.

Shooting and Outdoor Essentials:

Many people new to the shooting are unsure what shooting kit to bring to the field. More preparation is required than gathering your shotgun, rifle, and cartridges before heading outside or to the clay pigeon range.

Some people make the mistake of only taking their shotgun to the clay pigeon range, where they must rent eye and ear protection and pay more for targets and cartridges.

Others carry excessive shooting equipment that they must lug to the range.

Discover all the range of shooting gear UK you need for a good trip, including the "nice to have" items and advanced equipment. 

Ear Defenders and Shooting Glasses:

You wouldn't want to become deaf or blind from hearing loud gunshots, would you? Good shooting glasses and ear defenders are mandatory to help protect your ears and eyes.

Portable Gun Care & Cleaning Kit:

If you don't maintain your gun, it might not be there for you when you need it most. Yes, it's important to be well-prepared constantly. A well-maintained gun is always ready to fire and strike the target.

Leather Gun cases:

Leather gun cases or slips are used to protect your guns and avoid damage; you need to invest in a quality gun case.

Outdoor Jackets and Shooting Coats:

A shooting or stalking jacket's main purpose is to provide comfort while hunting. Individual perceptions of comfort can vary depending on the hunting they are doing and the weather. You can shop for hunting coats & hunting jackets in the UK online with the best deals. 

Cartridge Bags & Boxes:

These bags are excellent for transporting ammunition and keeping your cartridges dry, safe, and secure. They also make carrying ammunition simple. 

With a high-quality cartridge bag, carrying more items is much easier.

Gun Room: Gun Cases, Shooting Bags & Gun Care

We provide gun storage equipment that enables you to take care of your guns while you need to keep them safe for a while.

Our Gunroom category features all gun-related essentials, including gun slips, gun cases, clay shooting products, Cartridge Bags, Cartridge Belts, Cartridge Boxes, gun care and cleaning accessories.  

Gun Slips and Cases:

Our gun slips and gun cases are not only aesthetically beautiful but also practically durable and water resistant, offering a lifetime of usage. Shop for shooting gear online. 

Cartridge Bags and Boxes:

We provide a large variety of leather, canvas and leather, tweed, and quick-loading cartridge bags and boxes for your shooting wear UK that is manufactured specifically for this purpose. 

We can also provide customised Cartridge Bags and Boxes with initials to give you a one-of-a-kind experience this holiday season. Our personalised embossing is done on site at our showroom.

Cartridge Belts:

To locate the greatest leather belts money can buy, browse our selection of speedloaders and cartridge belts right now! 

The cartridge belts and speedloaders are made to last through the various shooting circumstances thanks to the high-quality leather and craftsmanship.

Clay Pigeon Shooting:

We have specially made skeet vests, Beretta jackets & shooting jackets UK and many more accessories to help you improve your shot, whether you're new to the sport or an experienced shot.

Gun Care and Cleaning:

Browse Fur Feather and Fin's superb assortment of standard, luxury, and traditional shotgun and rifle cleaning kits to use in the field or at home. 

With the help of our shotgun accessories UK, like gun cleaning kits, you can keep your shotgun in top shape throughout and after shooting season.

Personalised Kit:

Our hand-embossed gun slips, gun sleeves, and cartridge bags, which make the ideal gift or a treat for yourself, let you add the finishing touch. 

Hunting & Shotgun Accessories UK: Game Bags, Gun Slips, Eye Protection & More 

Explore our extensive range of shooting accessories you'll need, such as game bags, licence holders, position finders, flasks and tots for your drinks at elevenses, hearing and eye protection, and much more! 

Games Bags and Carriers:

You will never need to give a second thought to your shooting outing and won't ever have to struggle to carry your game home again, thanks to our game bags.

They are available in a wide range of colour options for you to choose from. Explore the category and find the perfect product for you.  

Flasks, Tots & Mugs:

Whether you're looking for a gift or something for yourself, our selection of shooting hip flasks and tots is ideal for outdoor country sports enthusiasts. You may be sure that your perfect flask or tot is waiting here in a size that fits you perfectly. We are now a YETI stockist, and YETI drinkware and YETI coolers are the best in the market, which will help keep your drinks hot or cold for days!

Hearing & Eye Protection:

The importance of eye and hearing protection is paramount when shooting. Thus, in our shooting & hunting accessories, you will discover a selection of our top-quality shooting eye and hearing protection here, including shooting glasses for eye protection and standard, electronic, waterproof and Bluetooth ear defenders.

Licence Holders & Position Finders:

Make sure your license is stored safely inside your luggage. Take your licence with you to the shoot and keep it safe.

Seats and Sticks:

Your shoot day will be more comfortable with our shooting sticks, or pair them with our grip seat stick for even more convenience when removing spent cartridges! 

You can be sure to discover the ideal present or shooting seat with the variety on offer!

Shoot Accessories & storage solutions:

Every time you go hunting or shooting, you will always need something more. We have shotgun barrel holders, hand warmers, and more to make sure you never run out of necessary shoot items or accessories. All the extras you'll require while on location for a shoot.

You Can Also Personalise Shooting Equipment With Our Embossing Service.

We take great delight in offering the best sporting gifts and accessories with a unique personal touch, and we hope that individuals who get them will find them quite enjoyable. Our embossing service process is as follows -

  • Each letter is charged £12.50.
  • You can choose up to 4 letters, including hyphens
  • Letters are provided in Roman font. 
  • Initials will be 9.5mm tall.
  • Letters are embossed upon the closing tab at the top of the cartridge bag.
  • Full stops are free.
  • Each personalisation service requires an additional seven working days on top of the delivery option you've selected.

Note: There is no return policy for personalised products. 

Shopping for Shooting Equipment & Hunting Accessories Easy with Fur Feather and Fin

To assist you in flawlessly blending into your surroundings and constructing the ultimate hunting experience for you, we have a wide selection of cartridge bags, cartridge boxes, speed holders & cartridge belts.

Our tough gun cases and rifle bags are manufactured with high-quality leathers like Charlton Leather, Charlton Leather, Donnington Leather, Harrington Leather and other exclusive leather collections.

Professional gun care accessories will help you maintain the cleanliness and reliability of your shotgun or rifle.

Don't wait; browse our selection immediately and take advantage of our quick, free shipping to the UK.